Important Parent Information

Please read below for the Check in Processes for the appropriate overnight (not adventure, wilderness or fishing) Camp:

For Trailblazers, Explorers, Juniors, Junior High, Niners and High School Camps CHECK IN WILL BE AT 3PM . These campers will not be permitted into the dorm prior to checking in at 3pm. Please do not arriver earlier than 2:45pm.

For First Chance Camp CHECK IN WILL BE AT 9am . These campers will not be permitted into the dorm prior to checking in at 9am.  Please do not arrive earlier than 8:45am.

1.  Check in with camp staff outside of the dorm.  This process should be fairly quick.   (All camper fees are to be paid prior to arriving on the grounds.)

2. Then select a dorm room and bed.

3.  Turn in any medicine (over the counter or RX) to the first aid provider.  (please make sure all meds are listed in the registration information). More info Here.

4.  Check your camper into the Chapel auditorium at the dean’s table.  This table will have the dean or dean’s representative to assist you.  Then your camper goes into the chapel and begins camp.  This will indicate the transfer of supervisory responsibility from you to the camp.  Please keep your camper with you until this point.  As the camper enter’s the Chapel, we respectfully ask you to say good bye.  We will only allow adults with background checks on file with LSCA in the gym for safety purposes.  Thank you for your cooperation.

T-Shirts, hats and other camp gear will be available for sale at the LSCA Store, located in the Steel Tent across from the camp office.

Again, we ask that you supervise your camper completely until they are safely in the Chapel / Gym.

For Adventure Camps Check in will be at 4pm at the Adventure Center (north end of LSCA property).  All medicines (OTC and  Rx) will be collected there – please make sure these are listed in the registration information.  Please do not arrive prior to 4pm.

For Discovery Camps – Check in will be daily at 8:30 inside Lakeview Lodge.  Please do not arrive prior to this.

For Hello Camp 1 & 2 and Day Camp 1 & 2 Check in will be inside the chapel foyer at the designated start time of your session. For Hello Camps 1 & 2, one of the camper’s adults stays with them and participates in the event.

For Wilderness of Fishing Camps Check in Location and time will be identified by the dean and communicated to you