Adventure Camp


These are perfect for the camper who loves to be outside and enjoys a smaller crowd. Drop off and pick up will be at the Cypress Cove location.

There is Adventure Camp 56 and Adventure Camp 78 for boys and girls.  These camps will spend the entire session outside.  They will shoot archery, swim in the pool and maybe go tubing on the lake.  Any activities that need the campers to bring equipment (like biking) will be identified in the letter you will receive from the Dean.  These campers will take their meals outside and even make some over a fire.  They do not use the traditional canteen, so a canteen card is not available for these campers.  Adventure camp 5&6 will have drop off and pick up at 5pm.  Adventure 7&8 has drop off at 4pm and pick up at noon.

HS Wilderness Camp is traditionally a week spent with Discovery Ministries in Missouri.  We will leave LSCA on a Sunday afternoon and return the following Friday, late afternoon.  This is a wilderness trip.  The trip is limited to 10 campers, who will experience true camping (no bathrooms, electricity, cell phones, etc.) by backpacking and / or canoeing in the Ozark mountains led by qualified and trained Christian mentors from Discovery Ministries.  This can be physically taxing, but also exhilarating.  Not for the faint of heart, this trip will give anyone who completes it a new perspective, increased self confidence, appreciation for wilderness, and a focus on Christ.

Jr. High Extreme (Day Camp only) is a new adventure.  This day time event will challenge 6th-8th grade campers to learn new skills, try new things, and have fun while doing it.  These 3 days could include water sports (Skiing / paddling / fishing), hiking trails, biking, shooting archery, and more!  Lunch will be included and canteen cards will be added to the registration fees for morning and afternoon canteen times.  Campers will also learn how to walk closer to Christ.  Drop off will be each morning at 8 am and pick up will be from 5pm to 515.

Adventure 56 – 5th & 6th Grade: June 16-18

Adventure 78 – 7th & 8th Grade:  July 8-11

HS Wilderness Camp – 9th-Just Graduated: June 23-28

Jr. High Extreme (Day Camp) – 6th – 8th:  July 1-3



Please note:  you can only register campers for whom you are the legal guardian.  Campers must be listed in the account of their legal guardian.  Thank you for helping us with this.