Food Service


Delicious food is always a highlight for all of our campers and guests! Campers will have a variety of meals that are age appropriate and tasty while being nutritious.

Menus feature high quality, from scratch cooking and fresh baked goods, and emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables wherever possible.

We do not prepare any dishes with nuts in the kitchen during summer camp.


Food Restrictions / Allergies

Our kitchen staff is experienced in accommodating campers and guests with a myriad of dietary restrictions.  When providing food service for a camper or guest with special dietary needs, we are very diligent to prepare safe and tasty meals.  It is our great pleasure to do so!  If you have any questions regarding this, please email us via the “contact us” page.


Menus for Retreat Rentals

For our guests using the facilities of LSCA for retreats and special events, there are different tiers of menus available to choose from with a range of pricing and options. Contact us for sample menus and pricing.


Special Events

LSCA is a great place for special events like fundraising dinners, meetings, celebrations and more. Contact us today about creating a custom high quality menu for your next event!