Canteen and Camp Meals

Canteen (Snack Time)

In addition to delicious, from scratch meals every day, campers will also have multiple snack times, called Canteen. Canteen items typically include sodas, candy, chips, ice cream, fruit snacks etc. Canteen will be automatically added to your cart.  You do not have to manually add this.  This is a punch card, so the campers do not have to carry cash, the canteen card amounts represent the opportunities your camper will have to get a canteen item.  In the morning canteen times, they get a drink only.  Each item is $1.25.  In the afternoon and evening they get a drink and a snack.  Any “unused” punch is considered an $1.25 donation to the summer missionary organization.  Beginning in 2020, Canteen is peanut/nut free.  (Items made at the same facilities as nut based candy are still available).

Our Camp Kitchen

Delicious food is always a highlight at LSCA! Campers will have a variety of meals that are age appropriate and tasty while being nutritious. Menus feature high quality, from scratch cooking and fresh baked goods, and emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables wherever possible. We do not prepare any dishes with nuts in the kitchen during summer camp, see note below.

Food Restrictions / Allergies

Our kitchen staff is experienced in accommodating campers and guests with a myriad of dietary restrictions.  When providing food service for a camper or guest with special dietary needs, we are very diligent to prepare safe and tasty meals.  It is our great pleasure to do so, please contact us if you have any questions at all about our food service and your child’s options. LSCA is nut free.  If you send a package to campers, please make sure they do not contain items with nuts.