Life Guard Job Description

General Responsibilities
The Lifeguard shall be responsible for the supervision of all pool and waterfront activities and other duties as assigned by the Camp Manager or Program Manager.

The Lifeguard shall be directly responsible to the Program Manager.

The Lifeguard shall have a current Red Cross or YMCA Certification (or equivalent) to be employed by LSCA.

Specific Responsibilities
1. Responsible for supervision of all pool activities.
2. Clean Bathhouse Bathrooms or Dorm Bathrooms depending on gender.
3. At the end of each swim time, check area for lost articles, dirty or running toilets, and damaged or broken items.
4. Maintain cleanliness and good organization of all pool area & equipment.
5. Assist with canoe area as needed. Maintain orderliness of shed in boat dock area. Supervising/assisting in the canoe area will be scheduled by the Program Manager in conjunction with needs of the Camp Dean.
6. Daily pick up trash and straighten Steel Tent, sweep as needed. Supply Steel Tent with recreational equipment as needed..
Fill in for the First Aid person when needed.
Assist with all Camp clean-up at the end of each camp session.
Assist with other camp activities at the direction of the Camp Manager or Program Manager. This will include on-call evening duty one or two nights per session.
When not Life Guarding, assisting in other recreational areas such as waterslide or archery. (Instruction will be provided, and certification as necessary).
Other duties as assigned.

(Revised 2022)