Head Cook Job Description

General Responsibilities

The Camp Head Cook shall be responsible for preparing breakfast, supervising morning kitchen staff, (Assistant Cook and Volunteers), working with the Dining Hall Stewards to ensure the dining hall is ready for service, serving breakfast, preparing and serving lunch and assisting the Food Service Director (FSD) as needed with all other kitchen responsibilities, during the regular camping season. (The Head Cook and Food Service Director may decide to switch the Breakfast / Lunch or Lunch / dinner shifts, in which case the breakfast responsibility would fall to the FSD and dinner to the head cook).

The Head Cook shall be directly responsible to the Food Service Director and ultimately the Camp Manager.

Specific Responsibilities

Supervise the cooking and serving of breakfast (or dinner) each day.
Assist in cooking and serving of lunch and dinner prep.
Assist with food delivery receipt, order confirmation and putting away
Assign the assistant cooks specific duties to perform.
Delegate responsibilities to other kitchen helpers (volunteer kitchen workers, etc.)
Make Food Service Director aware of any food or kitchen supply needs.
Assist with food service in serving line.
Direct set-up of Dining Hall arrangement (may delegate as appropriate) in absence of Food Service Director
Prepare special meals or snacks as requested by the deans. These are to be approved through the Camp Manager.
Supervise and assist with the clean-up of left-over food and the cooking area after each meal, including: stove tops, ovens, counter tops, mixers, and other equipment used
Clean up spills as a part of the cooking process.
Sweep and mop the cooking area and food storage area at the end of every shift. (Delegate as appropriate to an assistant cook.)
Complete Kitchen Clean-up Check List on last day of each camp session, with the aid of assistant cooks. Assist with remaining camp clean up as needed.
In general, the Morning Cook will begin at 6:00 AM each day except Sunday and conclude the day no later than 2:00 PM. Or start at 10:30am and around 6:30pm each day
Attend staff meetings.
Deliver Thank You bag to the deans at the start of Sunday’s shift.

(Revised April 2020)