Dining Hall Steward Job Description

General Responsibilities

The Dining Hall Stewards shall be assisted by the Service Team Helpers (2-3 high school students) in all his/her responsibilities. The Dining Hall Stewards shall be responsible for leading the campers in dishwashing, housekeeping and arranging of the dining hall facilities as directed by the Food Service Director or head cook, and other duties as assigned by the Food Service Director, Camp Manager or Program Manager. The primary function of this position is to mentor and lead the HS campers enrolled in the Service Team program.

The tasks involved include the responsibilities listed below. However, building a relationship with the HS campers, leading Bible Study each day to encourage spiritual growth and mentoring them in being diligent workers is the most important aspect of this role.

The Dining Hall Steward shall be directly responsible to the Food Service Director but ultimately to the Camp Manager.

Specific Responsibilities
All scheduling for work, devotional, and activity times for the Service Team, and the division of work and break times for themselves. Schedules should be approved by the Food Service Director and Program Manager. Work with Program Manager to ensure times fit with the Dean’s schedules.
Greet incoming Service Team Helpers and orient them to the work, environment., and schedule.
Be responsible for washing the pots, dishes, silverware, glasses, etc. after each meal.
Sweep and mop the dish area and laundry room as needed after each meal but at least daily after supper.
Set out some food items before each meal: Drinks, Cereal, Salad Bar
Sweep and mop dining hall as needed after breakfast and lunch, sweeping and mopping daily after dinner
Prepare drinks for each meal at the meal prior and put in cooler.
Empty trash as needed throughout the day and each evening. Take trash bags to Dumpster.
Oversee and assign duties for Service Team each day and assist as needed.
Lead Service Team in daily devotional time as well as other programmed activities (i.e. pool time, games, canoeing, etc). The Dining Hall Steward has the opportunity to mentor these high school students.
Be responsible for between meal clean up of dishes.
Typical work hours: 7:30AM–10:00AM; 11:00AM–2:00PM; 4:00PM–7:00PM
Supervise the Service Team during their work time in the canteen: serving, restocking, listing needed supplies, and making certain grounds are clean outside when canteen is over.
Assist with all Camp clean-up at the end of each camp session, first the Dining Hall / Kitchen then to other areas if needed.
Clean outside restrooms Daily (not to be assigned to Service Team Helpers)
Deliver food and utensils to Adventure camp and pick up leftovers and dirty dishes
Set out cups/silverware/napkins/serving utensils at each meal
Put away clean and dry dishes in proper place
Wash and disinfect DH tables after each meal
Keep ice machine stocked and unclogged during meals.
Clean up drink table and collection table after each meal.
Ensure all safe food handling measures are taken.
Make Food Service Director aware when items need restocked (napkins, dish detergent, chemical, etc.)

Other duties as assigned.

(Revised April 2021)