Special Interest Camps

Activities Camp: A 3 day, day time, instruction filled camp for those interested in Woodworking, Science, Performing Arts, Team Sports and Culinary Arts. Campers will be able to select the activity track that interests them and experience all the fun of a typical day at camp!

Archery Camp: this is a week long, day time, instruction filled, archery adventure.  830am to 5pm daily, the campers will learn archery and hone their skills… novice to experienced.  Each day the archers will meet at Cypress Cove.

In addition to delicious, from scratch meals every day, campers will also have snack times, called Canteen. More about canteen and food service Here.

Activities Camp – 4th-6th Grade: June 24th-26th

Archery Camp – 6th-8th Grade:  July 15-19

Please note:  you can only register campers for whom you are the legal guardian.  Campers must be listed in the account of their legal guardian.  Thank you for helping us with this.