GROW Project List

The Grow project takes several projects that we have had on our radar for years and puts them under one umbrella. We have prioritized the projects that support camper safety, better open our facilities to campers of varying abilities, and those that will protect the assets we already have. A few of the tasks were chosen because they would enable guests to experience outdoors in unique ways, which makes the camp attractive to visitors. We strive to meet our guests’ needs in five ways: spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. How these projects help us meet those goals is included.

Pool and bathhouse

The current pool is beyond repair and must be replaced. When we say, “pool,” we mean the pool itself, all site work and excavation, piping, filtration system, fencing, etc. Everything required to operate the pool, short of the water itself.
This is the first and most critical need within the Grow project, and is our first priority.

Physical, Social, Emotional

Shelters by the new pool

When the pool is in use, there are always people who can’t be in the water for various reasons. The shelter by the new pool location is not sufficient. The shelter would also be used for small group studies.
Spiritual, Social, Emotional


Sidewalks would make the camp much more friendly to our guests with mobility issues. Some paved areas will be required around the new pool, but sidewalks connecting the major parts of the main camp space are a project that has been considered for years. Now is an ideal time while we have other similar builds and could bundle the projects.
Physical, Emotional

Steel tent roof

The steel tent roof is old, in bad shape, and needs replaced. The steel tent houses both the finished canteen area and the garage, which is full of tools and equipment. If we let the roof get leaky, it would damage both of those areas and the items housed within them.
Spiritual, Intellectual, Social

Playground equipment

The playground equipment is used extensively by camp sessions and retreat groups. We need to remove the old metal structures and replace them with safer, modern equipment that is accessible for our visitors with limited mobility. We would like a second playground by Lakeview Lodge to better support Discovery Camp, and new equipment for the toddler playground.
Physical, Social

Concrete repair and drainage correction around buildings

Several buildings have drainage issues that have caused the concrete sidewalks around them to resettle. We need to first remediate the drainage issues, and then repair the concrete.

Dining hall ceiling and floors

There are significant repairs to be made on the ceiling of the dining hall related to a light fixture issue that was recently resolved. Also, the floor has blistering in spots from water seeping up through the concrete.

Recreation installations

There are many locations at camp that are a good fit for recreation installments. Things like a low ropes course, a climbing wall, archery lanes, etc. These would provide campers and retreat groups more opportunities to do interesting things outside that they may not experience anywhere else.
Physical, Intellectual, Social, Emotional.

Prairie grass restoration area

There is a hill at LSCA that is ideal for a prairie grass restoration area. This would bring additional small wildlife to camp, and create nature-focused meeting places and trails. It would also change an unused steep hill that is hard to maintain/mow into a beautiful and useful space.
Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Emotional

Riprap rock

The shoreline along camp is in need of a significant amount of riprap rock to prevent erosion.

Updating Cypress Cove

Purchasing Cypress Cove was the last major change to camp. It allows for better safety of our guests because now only LSCA has property along the drive. It has been in use for years now, but the building at Cypress Cove definitely needs some improvements to meet the plans we have for the space. Some of the updates we’d like to see are additional/accessible bathrooms, drainage correction, and some interior walls.
Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Emotional

Updates to Lakeview Lodge

Lakeview Lodge is in a perfect setting at camp to be a stand-alone retreat center or family camp location, but it is in definite need of accessibility upgrades to make it an attractive space for rentals.
Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Emotional

Future prayed-for projects

There are some projects that are on our long-term radar that are not part of the GROW project. Paved roads and parking, minimalist cabins for retreats, solar power, and beginning a roofing replacement cycle of all our buildings.