Christmas Trees for Cypress Cove

Starting on Friday, November 24, LSCA will be offering Christmas Trees as a fundraiser for the new property, Cypress Cove.  All the funds raised will go toward the monthly payment on this 3 year contract for deed.  This event will take place as supplies last.  This will be in the steel tent (metal pavilion acrossed the parking area from the offices)

We will have Scotch Pines and Frazer Firs available.

In addition to the trees, there will be a bonfire, cookies, cocoa & hay rack rides (during designated hours)  available for your family to have a fun experience at camp while selecting your Christmas tree.

You can call the office for more details:  217.529.2625


Friday, Nov. 24: 10am – 8pm (Hayrack rides 5p-8p)
Saturday, Nov. 25: 10am – 8pm (Hayrack rides 5p-8p)
Sunday, Nov. 26: 2pm – 8pm (Hayrack rides 5p-8p)

Monday – Thursday by appointment

Friday, Dec. 1: Noon – 8pm (Hayrack rides 5p-8p)
Saturday, Dec. 2: Noon – 8pm (Hayrack rides 5p-8p)
Sunday, Dec. 3: 2pm – 8pm (Hayrack rides 5p-8p)

Monday – Thursday by appointment

Additional Hours will be posted as supplies last.  We look forward to seeing you!