2018 Summer Camp

Theme:  way. truth. life.

Key Scripture: Ephesians 3:18 And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is.

Big Idea:  The campers are amazed and in awe of our Savior.

Context:  Up to each dean

Stretch Passage:  (For JH and older) Ephesians 3:14-19

Faculty Tips:

  • If you are experiencing any difficulty recruiting faculty, we may be able to help
  • We “shoot for” a 5 to 1, camper to faculty ration – so keep an eye on the amount of campers.  Our maximum campers is 140.  That would be: 12 male faculty, for 60 male campers and 16 female faculty for 80 female campers.  This also gives the appropriate adult coverage in the dorm.  Please do not exceed 12 male faculty and 16 female faculty.  (Because of SKH, the amount of campers registering for your camp will be less than 140).
  • Please remember that Faculty should be no less than 2 age groups older than the campers and all “minor” faculty should be paired with an adult.
  • Your faculty should be able to agree with our statement of faith:  see THIS
  • All faculty (and deans) must fill out the online background check form.  They must also have a completed abuse prevention training completion on file. (must be completed every 2 years).  All minors, also need to have the counselor questionaire signed by guardians.  These things must be completed PRIOR to arriving on the grounds the day the session begins.  The dean is responsible to pursue this with the faculty.
  • Please check references on your faculty.   Please turn in this information with your deans forms to the office.

Other thoughts regarding the breakdown of the theme…

Consider the theme, if you don’t wish to build curricullum around “Wonder”, as the driving force behind what the staff and deans and faculty are doing.  Instilling WONDER in our Creator, is something that we strive for every summer.  Its just reframed each summer.  Thank you for your creativity.  Thank you for thinking outside of the box!


As you know, our missionary is an entire organization rather than one individual or family from an organization.  Lifeline Christian Mission.  There are many facets to this ministry.  They are currently determining which of their staff members will be representing the ministry at camp.  Once we have that information, we will get you in touch with the appropriate staff person.  One of the aspects of their ministry is food packaging.  We had to “guarantee” a certain dollar amount so that they could plan appropriately the amount of food packaging that our campers will participate in.  Every meal is worth $.22.  We plan to provide over 45,000 meals with the money that campers raise for the ministry.  Every penny will go to the food packages.  Each package contains 6 meals.  The packaging will be done in the lower level of Eagle Lodge, on the north end… in the large empty room.  We are excited about this hands on approach for the campers to engage in the missionaries’ projects.