Discovery Camp Director Job Description

Discovery Camp Director

General Responsibilities

The Discovery Camp Director oversees all of functions, schedules, volunteers and paid staff for Discovery Camp and its campers.  The Discovery Camp Director  shall be directly responsible to the Camp Manager, and shall work closely with other staff supervisors in coordinating all camp activities and needs.  This includes:  the Camp Manager, the Food Service Manager and the Program Manager.

Goals of Discovery Camp

  1. Campers will have the opportunity to encounter the saving message of Jesus Christ through curriculum, Godly mentors, and interacting with His Creation
  2. A place where campers can thoroughly explore Creation, without fear of “getting dirty”… they are encouraged to get dirty… in an effort to really experience nature and learn more about our Creator by doing so.
  3. An excellent camp experience for campers or parents who are not quite ready for overnight camp.


  • College Degree in Education or Children’s Ministry preferred.
  • Some experience leading a classroom.
  • Some knowledge of outdoor education is helpful.
  • The ability to organize and administrate.
  • The ability to lead college aged staff.

Specific Responsibilities

The DC Director shall minister by overseeing and serving the needs of this program. This position shall coordinate, plan, and direct the  program, supervise DC Staff, and serve as the liaison between LSCA and the parents and campers.

Duties will include planning a weekly program, working with a diverse staff of 3-4 people, leading activities, counseling participants, and anticipating program needs. This position shall perform all duties related to the DC program as assigned by the Camp Manager including (but not limited to):

Pre-Camp Responsibilities

  1. Prior to staff training become fluent in summer camp Bible Study Curriculum that is provided.
  2. Recruit teachers for each week (with assistance of Camp Manager), or plan to teach.
  3. Prepare and Assist in staff training for Discovery Camp the week prior to camp beginning

During each week of Day Camp

  1. Oversee planning and implementation of DC
  2. Coordinate schedules with other deans via the Program Manager to avoid conflict with residential programs
  3. Secure all needed supplies:
  4. Curriculum
  5. Arts and crafts
  6. Recreation
  7. Lead daily debriefing with DC staff
  8. Supervise DC Camp staff
  9. Make sure Lakeview Lodge area is cleaned up daily in preparation for next day
  10. Lead staff in end of week clean up (deep clean) on every Friday when the campers leave.
  11. Have daily sign in and sign out Sheets ready (printed from data base)
  12. Ensure that camp photo is taken each week and distributed
  13. Give parents synopsis every Friday of primary focus of lessons and crafts

Responsibilities and Duties Common to all Staff:

  1. To be a practicing Christian who seeks to follow Christ in her/his daily living and in interaction with other staff and guests (campers, parents, volunteer staff, user groups), having a statement of faith consistent with the camp’s statement of faith as guided by the Individual Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.
  2. To be willing to place the needs of the camp and its campers above personal desires.
  3. To exemplify a general attitude of helpfulness to other staff and volunteers, campers, parents, and user groups.
  4. To give assistance in any phase of the ongoing operation of the camp when need warrants and when assigned by the Camp Manager.
  5. To exhibit an acceptance of all people no matter their race, religion, national origin, or ability, and to possess the ability to work with those with whom you may not fully agree.
  6. To joyfully give 100% effort to the job, understanding that it is all encompassing, requires far more than 40 hours per week, and to be mindful that its rewards far outweigh any inconvenience it may cause.


  1. Salary: $4800 for the 8-week commitment
  2. Room and Board is negotiable as needed.
  3. Staff Shirt (s).
  4. Saturdays and Sundays off with the exception of the Saturday following the last week.


  • This is an 8 week commitment. It begins 1 week before camp, includes 7 weeks of camp, and 1 Saturday following the last week of camp for end of season clean up and organization.
  • There will be 3-4 Discovery Camp staff (including the Director) and a max of 20-24 campers per session.
  • Curriculum and many supplies are already in hand.
  • Campers range from 2nd—4th grade. Occasionally there will be an allowance for a first grade camper or 5th grade camper, but this is the exception.