A Retreat for Girls’ Grades 7-12

Check in: Friday, October 11th at 6:30pm

Check out: Sautrday, October 12th at 3:00pm


The Cyber Break Retreat is a way for jr high and high school girls to get together and have fellowship while disconnecting  from the craziness and over connection to the cyber world for 24 hours.  We will incorporate tough topics in our discussion (see below) while keeping our focus on scripture.  It will be a time of fun, retreat, learning, games, crafts, music, dancing, and friendship, we hope to see you there!


Tentative Schedule



6:30 girls arrive/check in (get set up in room)

7:15 praise and worship

7:30 ice breaker game 1

8:00 speaker 1 (15-20 min) appropriateness with social media apps

8:20 discussion time/bathroom break (20 min)

8:45 speaker 2 (15-20 min) healthy relationships/peer pressure

9:10 discussion time/bathroom break (20 min)

9:30 ice breaker game 2

10:00 regather & closing prayer; released for free time games

10:30 return to dorms

11:00 lights out


7:00 canoe or walk trail for morning wake up activity

8:30 breakfast

9:15 regather; schedule for the day; opening prayer and ice breaker game 3

9:45 praise and worship

10:00 speaker 3 (15-20 min) resiliency 

10:20 discussion time/bathroom break (20 min)

10:40 speaker 4 (15-20min) dangers of online dating

11:00 discussion time/bathroom break (20 min)

11:30 break for lunch

11:45 lunch in dining hall

12:30 regather and worship

12:45 speaker 5 (15-20 min) Healthy choices for body/addiction 

1:10 discussion time/bathroom break (20 min)

1:30 speaker 6 (15-20 min) spiritual gifts and using them

1:50 discussion time (20 min)

2:15 closing worship (1 song); closing remarks; departing prayer

2:30 released to say goodbyes and pack to leave